Lucky H Family Holiday Session - Denton Area Photographer

Approximately a decade ago (give or take a few years), I was working at this quirkly office building in the Property Management offiice.  I did all the events and the newsletter (gosh, sounds like a bit like what I do now, ha)... anyways, one of the things we did was organize a weekly happy hour for all the working folks like me.


That's how I met my ex-husband (but lets not go there) and it's also how I met Melissa.


She was one of the nicest people in the building and I loved sitting and girl chatting with her on those Fridays. Back then we were single and lamented on the pitfalls of dating and being 20-something in the dawning age of cell phones and internet (both of which were more of a luxury back then, rather than a necessity as they are now).


Fast forward several years and she is married to an AWESOME guy and has two beautiful children. It had been years since we saw each other, but it was like no time had went by... instead now we are talking about recipes, little league and lamenting raising a girl in the age of Iphones and Facebook.


Thanks Melissa and family for letting me capture this moment in time for you. It's such a blessing to see your dreams coming true and still be counted among your friends.


Enjoy your sneak peak, the rest of your gallery will be ready later this week.


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