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"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." ~Anthony Brandt


This is my favorite time of year... the holiday decorations and lights, the gift-giving, celebrating our Lord's birth... just the feeling of hope and thankfulness that surrounds us.  Especially when we are with family.

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Recently I was thinking about how much I enjoy what I do.  And I have to say, my favorite is shooting children and families.  There is something about capturing this tiny moment in the history of a family and knowing that 30 years from now these same kids that I am making funny voices for will be showing these pictures to THEIR kids someday to make THEM smile.


The fashions and hairstyles may change and cause them to cringe, but the feelings these pictures will evoke in a few decades will be the same as they are now... love, gratitude and peace.  Family does that.

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The Edwards family is no different.  Samuel and Alex give off a warmth and a joy that are a huge reflection of their parent's love for them.  Seeing them act silly and loving in that brother/sister way is an honor as a photographer, because I know Mom and Dad will treasure these moments for many years.



I am always honored when a client calls me a second time for portraits... it means I am doing something right.  I am grateful when they refer me to friends.  And I am TOUCHED when they do both over and over again like Andee does.



Thanks Andee and Sam for letting me be a little silly and drag you all over the Southlake Town Center for our fun shoot.   Your children are precious and fun and such a wonderful reflection of you both.  Hope you enjoy your pictures!

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