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Love at first site? Maybe. But do you really know what love is when you are 7 years old and 5 years old?

That's when Megan and Joe met. As a skinny little boy and shy little girl, both being babysat by their older brother and older sister (who were dating at the time).

DSC_0598 copy DSC_0553 copy

Older Sister? Me. Older Brother? My High School Sweetheart. (not pictured, ha).

Fast forward 19 years later, and we have a love story that spans nearly two decades (no not mine and the high school sweetheart, we parted ways in college). Although, Joe and Megan lost touch for many years, fate and love finally brought them back together through the wonderful world of social media. (Joe messaged me back in the days of MySpace, pre-Facebook, and asked if he could send Megan a message. I shrugged my shoulders and said "sure, have fun!" and next thing I know, they were dating).

DSC_0428 copy

All grown up now, the two of them will be tying the knot at the Trophy Club in Southlake on August 15. Since I am in the wedding, I won't be photographing the actual nuptials, but they did let me have the honor of capturing their engagement portraits. A moment that I was so excited to get to share with them.

DSC_0538 copy

After the session, I realized that skinny little boys grow up to be handsome men and shy little girls grow up to be sassy young women. And so it is with this gorgeous couple that I love so dearly.

DSC_0640 copy

Congrats Megan and Joe. I am so proud to be standing by your side in a few weeks, and even more honored that I've been able to watch you not only grow up into wonderful adults, but also grow in love and joy with each other.

DSC_0602 copy

Many blessings for a long and happy life together. I love you both.

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