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I wanted to name this blog "They Call her Stink-face"... but really she's too cute for that. Ha.


But one look at her mom's facebook wall, and it's obvious that everyone within a 100 mile radius knows Miss G by her nickname "Stinkface". I must admit, upon meeting her, I was greeted with the cutest scrunched up nose and big almost toothless smile... the kind that is soooo big that her eyes are nearly lost in the bigness of it. And what a shame too, because those eyes are so full of love, joy and happiness they make you want to laugh out loud (LOL for you techies) when you see them. But yes, I see where the term "stinkface" comes from. She really should get it patented.


Miss G is about to celebrate her very first birthday. Which is extra-special because she does so in a loving home with a family that simply ADORES her. A family that chose her as their own when they began fostering her last year. Her mommy lights up with pride when she talks about the adoption that became final in June.


No doubt she is one blessed little lady... beauty, charm, a wardrobe fit for a princess, and a family that counts their blessings each day to have her in their life. Happy Birthday Miss G... may the rest of them be as full of joy as you bring to those that love you.


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