Class of 2013: Rocking those Senior Sessions (Denton/DFW Area Photographer)

It's no lie when I say some of my favorite subjects to photograph are high school seniors.  There is just an energy about them.  The excitement, anticipation and sense of nostalgia too is evident when I meet with them.  They are closing one chapter and embarking on a new one in their lives. 

Caitlin was so much fun to work with.  When her mom first contacted me, we had planned to break her session into two meetings, one early in her Senior Year and one later after she got her cap and gown.  This is a great option for clients that want to get their senior stuff ordered early, but don't want to miss out on those more traditional cap/gown portraits as well.

Now I'll be the first to admit, girls like getting their pictures taken more than guys do.  It's just a fact.  Guys just don't like all the fuss, the haircut, the changing outfits and the posing.  I feel for you guys, I truly do.  But moms love to see their little men all dressed up and smiling for the camera.  Just accept it.  And you are about to venture out into the world and choose when and how you do stuff from now on, no one to tell you what to wear (except your boss someday) or how to cut your hair, or even to nag you about your gas tank level or if you have eaten breakfast.  Let mom have the last opportunity to be mom and capture you as the boy, turned man, that she helped raise.

Grayson was a great sport at this.  He managed to keep his eye-rolling and brooding sighs to a minimum as his mom joked and cajoled him into smiling and showing us that handsome dimple. 

Congrats 2013 Seniors, Caitlin and Grayson!  It was a joy to be your Senior Portrait Photographer.  Good luck to both of you as you venture towards independence and knowledge.  I know you will both do GREAT!

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