Wall Art Wednesday - Inspiration by Denton and DFW photographer and designer Lucky Star Designs and Photography

I have been giving my Facebook fans little teasers of my new series called "Wall Art Wednesday". 

I think it's so important when you have professional pictures made of your family, that you find a unique and aesthetically pleasing way to display them in your home.  Don't just slap some frames up randomly and expect to have it convey the emotion that you wanted it to the day you did your portrait session.   Your display should have purpose and convey your own personal style.

I am in LOVE with a new social bookmarking site called Pinterest.  It has really helped me hone my own style and inspires me everyday to perfect it and put it into action in my own life, whether that be my work, my designs, my photography, my cooking or my home.  In an essence, I am trying to create my own personal brand.  I've decided to share some of my favorite finds with you each week to help you as well.

Do you ever find yourself drawn to the same colors, prints or styles when decorating your home or buying clothes and shoes?  That is your brain's subconscious effort to "brand" yourself.  You have a personal style whether you realize it or not.  The thing to ask yourself is: "Is it purposeful? And does it reflect who I really am?"

Wall Art Wednesday is my way of bringing a little bit of inspiration to each of my readers so they can begin to narrow their own personal vision when deciding to display their art and portraits in their home or office.  

Like what you see in one of these posts?  Contact me and I can consult with you on how to make it happen in your home or office or place of business.  My contact list of referrals include frame vendors, print labs and other retailers that I work with on printing and design options that can be tailored to any style you want.  

Here are some of my favorite wall groupings that stuck with me as unique.  You can click on the pictures to be taken to the source (since these are not my original pictures or ideas).  They are great for providing some visual inspiration to get your own personal style kick-started.

Under the Cabinet Photo Grouping
click the picture for the source and more information

I love the original placement of this photo grouping.  A photo ledge mounted to the wall behind your counter-space in your kitchen or office or craft room.  I would recommend mounting on foam-board or masonite and doing a lustre coating for protection over the pictures if you went this route (The original source recommends frame-less clip frames.  Either would work).  And best part, it's affordable to change out the pictures every few months to keep it current and fresh.  No need for frames or matting... just a ledge and beautifully printed pictures --- What an impact it makes!

 Stairway Corner or Hallway Photo Grouping

click the picture for source and more information

click the picture for source and more information

These examples are a great way to display a wide variety of images in a spot that is visible to everyone in the home but rarely decorated.  Of course the wainscoting in the first photo helps too.  I just love seeing family portraits displayed in a high traffic area like this.  The grouping tells a story of this family... its history, its roots, its progression.  This is a great way to combine grandma's old snapshots with pictures of you and your family growing up and current portraits of your own children.  

If you are interested in a wall display like this, I can help you with photo restoration of old delicate snapshots, converting your family pictures into black and white or sepia images to match and then re-size, print and frame to make a visual statement.  I really wish every home had a wall like this with generations of pictures included.

Mixed Media Photo Groupings

click picture for source and more information
This is a beautiful way of bringing personality to your home.  Do this in a hallway, above your couch or your fireplace mantel... anywhere you have a large unused wall.  This looks great above a buffet table or credenza as well.  I like how the different shapes and sizes of photos are formatted and spaced so that they are essentially one large piece of art.  The "S" in the middle provides some aesthetic interest and displays the family's initial.  You could also include other media like a shadow box with mementos, a piece of artwork made of iron, like a scroll or a large skeleton key, or include a family quote or other saying painted on a block of wood. See some more examples of this below.

More Wall Grouping Inspiration


Don't you love the use of vinyl lettering on this one below?.  
If you have never been exposed to Uppercase Living
let me know, as my friend Jessica
sells it and can help you style your wall as well.  
I have several pieces in my home that make me smile.
click the picture to see the source and more information

 COLOR!  I love it. The mix-matched frames
totally work well together in this space and the 
bold splash of red makes a great statement.  
Very eclectic.
click picture for source and more information
I can also custom design
your wall art quote (as seen above) 
per your style, quote, color and design 
choices.  Contact me for more info.

 A chalkboard + a silhouette + pictures = ADORABLE
Can't you just see yourself curling up with a book here?
click picture for source and more information

I absolutely adored this when I saw it pop up on Pinterest.
The colors, the white frames, the S and the large quote 
all arranged on a ledge shelf above the wainscoting.  
click image for source and more information
That's it for this edition of Wall Art Wednesday.  Come back and see what I have to share next Wednesday, or join our VIP list in the right area of the blog to have these sent directly to your email each week.  
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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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