Love That Shot! --- entry by Denton County Photographer

I've found a new photography website that I love... chalk full of tutorials and beautiful pictures to admire... and my favorite... challenges and contests!  Go check out Love That Shot!

This is my first entry.  Taken a couple weeks ago at my little sister's 30th Birthday party in Houston, it's of her and her son Chase (the SWEETEST nephew an aunt could have!).  When I look at this picture I think of all the years growing up seeing Misty play and care for her baby-dolls and how she never wavered in her dreams of being a mommy.  Seeing that dream become a reality has been such a joy and blessing.

This picture was taken with my Nikon D90 and 50 1.4 lens (1/200 and f 3.2, ISO 500, center weighted metering).  I used my SB600 flash and bounced it off the roof of the patio.  I processed by using Noiseware on 50% and Portraiture on 30% (default settings on both).  Finally I ran Pioneer Woman's action set 2 "Seventies" Action on it for that nice soft vintage feel.  A little edge burning and sharpening and voila!  The finished product.  (Yes Misty, I will be sure to get you a print).

Actually I plan to put it on my refrigerator next to a similar one I have of me and Nate.  I love this shot!

Kissy Face


  1. Great shot- horrible picture of me! My nose looks like the wicked witch!

  2. LMAO Misty... no it doesn't... didn't even notice it.

  3. Wow. You did a wonderful job. I love this picture. Very sweet. Your processing is gorgeous.