Fall Fun with Chalk and Children --- I heart faces weekly challenge

As the temperatures dipped yesterday, my favorite time of year officially began.  Time for changing colors on the trees and changing clothes in our closets.  The shorts and tanks get folded into crates under our beds and out come the hoodies and jeans.... and my favorite old pair of cowboy boots.  I HEART FALL!

I also "heart" the weekly challenge from I Heart Faces... this week's challenge was "Chalk" and I decided to dig back a bit and submit a picture I took last autumn of my little girl having fun with sidewalk chalk at my parents house.  She was in a rare good mood that day (not that she is typically sullen now, but last fall was rough on her and to see her smiling and laughing was rare at that particular time in her life).  So I look at these pictures and remember that even in the midst of tragedy and tribulations, children have an amazing capacity to move on with their lives and find joy in simple things... like drawing on the sidewalk with chalk on a cool autumn afternoon.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

And I don't want to miss out on sharing a cute one of my boy Nate that day as well.  He made up his own hopscotch game and had me in STITCHES... this one isn't for the challenge, but was cute and funny as well.  Have a Happy Fall Day my friends!!



  1. good angles! Those are fun pictures!

  2. beautiful!! great colors and so cute!!

  3. Love that tongue! Cute kids :)

  4. love that silly face of hers!!