ONE MORE gift idea for Valentine's Day

Hey Dads and other Guys with Special Women in your lives.... this is your reminder that Valentine's day is coming up quickly and you need to do something that will WOW her and show her how much she means to you this year.

Take it from me, busy mom of two, a personal and meaningful gift is much more desired than roses or diamonds (okay, maybe NOT diamonds, but it's a close second, ha). SOOOOOO...what if you surprised your wife with something crazy thoughtful and sweet? What if you took your kiddos and had some great pictures taken of them OR even better you WITH them? I can promise you 3 things...

1. Your wife will stop bugging you (for at least a couple of weeks) to go have family pictures taken.
2. She will love them!
3. Next year, when you buy her a blender and she gets mad, all you have to say is "Remember those gorgeous pictures of our kids? I did that!" (teehee)

So, here's how you do it...give me a call/email/or a message on Facebook. We will set up a time between now and Valentines Day and then you can tell your wife something along the lines of "Honey, you work so hard, why don't I take the kids and give you some time off to yourself." (Hellooooooo EXTRA brownie points!!!) Then, we'll take the pictures and have them printed in time for Valentines day. See, piece of cake!

If you would like to purchase the session for her and give it to her gift certificate style, we can do that too!

AND...Ladies, this is for you too... Does your husband need more than a subtle hint? Feel free to send him a link to this blog! ;)

Happy Lovers Day everyone! I will leave you with a cherished picture of two of my guys taken a few days ago. Wouldn't your wife love something similar?

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  1. Good idea. This year i wish to give a new gift to my valentine in a very different way as usual. Keep blogging and thanks for sharing.