Booking Boudoir Sessions for Valentines

Take advantage as Lucky Star Designs kicks-off portfolio building
for Boudoir just in time for Valentines Day.
Call Miranda at 972.313.5739 or
email her at miranda@luckystardesigns.net
and book your appointment by January 31, 2010.

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Boudoir Photography

Beautiful, alluring, fun, dramatic, sexy, and sensual images of yourself. Your custom Boudoir Album, featuring your hottest images, will be something he will cherish forever. This incredibly romantic and intimate gift is perfect for your honeymoon gift, anniversary, special occasion, Valentine’s Day, or Holiday gift.

Your Comfort Level

Although many of our clients choose to pose in lingerie for an authentic “boudoir” look, you don’t have to. If a modest or conservative style of sexy is your thing, we can do that, too! We always find just the right mix to get the look you want. How revealing your pictures are is completely up to you.

A Fun & Artistic Approach

Our style of Boudoir photography is unique and stylish. Our images are like those you might find in a fashion magazine, lingerie ad, or upscale men’s magazine — yet for his private viewing only. Of course, there is no single approach, as each of our clients is different. We will create an exceptional album of images or prints in a style that you feel is best for you.

A Comfortable Experience

All of our clients are treated with the utmost consideration and respect. Although a boudoir session is hard work, it will be fun.

Prior to your actual photo session, we will go over any ideas or questions you may have. People tend to feel very comfortable with me as their photographer. I’ll provide ideas, directions for posing, and a trained eye for the perfect shot.

By the end of the session, I want you to feel like you’ve had a surprisingly fun and enjoyable experience in front of the camera. Most of our clients say they are surprised at how fast the time went by, and how much fun they had.

Body Type

You don’t have to have the so-called “perfect” body to look absolutely stunning in our Boudoir and images. As a matter of fact, most of our clients have the same complaints about their bodies as you probably do. Not to worry, our job is to minimize certain attributes and maximize others. Our goal is to make you thrilled with the final images. Lighting, camera angles, and post-processing all come together to help you feel your most attractive.

Session Location

Boudoir sessions can take place in your home or even in a luxurious hotel suite. It’s all up to you. The most important factor in determining location is to make sure it is comfortable, and that there are as few distractions as possible. We’ll go over options for locations as no two photo shoots are the same.

What to Bring

You can bring a specific outfit or lingerie item, or several options to pick and choose from during the session. We do not provide lingerie so you must bring your own. Unless you would like us to provide you with a makeup artist and/or hair stylist, we recommend you come with hair styled and makeup already applied.

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