I Heart Faces "Happiness" Challenge for April

I always enjoy the challenges over at I Heart Faces... and when they announced this month's theme as "Happiness", I immediately knew which picture I would submit.

This one was taken on Sunday at the Zion Cemetery in Frisco, Texas.  There is a HUGE (and I mean HUMUNGOUS) bluebonnet field there that we decided to do a session at.  My friend Karly brought her three boys and her friend Kristin, who has four boys of her own.  That's right folks... we had SEVEN little boys all under the AGE of 7 running around in bluebonnets.  (I suppose if the theme was "Chaos" this month, the theme still would have fit, haha).

Anyways... towards the end the little ones were getting cranky, but the older boys were still full of smiles and mischief, so when these three friends jumped up on the fence and said "TAKE OUR PICTURE!"... how could I resist?  I snapped and they cheesed it up as they laughed and tried not to FALL OFF the fence.

Oh boys.  They are a unique and entertaining bunch.  So for me today, this picture was the epitome of happiness... that joy you feel when you are with your closest friends, at ease, feeling silly and all is right with the world.  What could be better?


Photo Challenge Submission