$49 fraudulant charges - Contact your Bank!

UPDATE:  this is an older post.  A newer updated post about this issue can be found HERE.


I've recently been made aware that someone in Costa Rica is charging credit cards and using "Lucky Star Desings, LLC" as the name of the company charging the cards.

1. I am not an LLC, but a sole proprietorship
2. It is spelled Lucky Star Designs, not Desings
3. I am in DFW area of Texas, not Costa Rica
4. I provide a receipt via email for every credit card transaction I do.

If you have been charged by this fraudulent means, I assure you it did not originate from Lucky Star, they are just unfortunately using our name.

Feel free to have your bank contact me if there are any questions.  As of right now, I've had about 5 individuals contact me about these charges and dozens of hits for "lucky star desings, llc", so I am assuming it's happening a lot more.

Thank you,



  1. Same thing happened to me on 11.15.11 for $49.95. The only time the card was out of my possession with in the previous month was at Bar/Grill called Varsity Club in Little Elm, TX. Be aware. I just called my bank and got a credit and a new card.

  2. Just happened to me for 4 charges $.08, $.79, $10, and $99. But they did spell it correctly. LuckyStarDesign88836 INTERNATL EXCHANGE FEE CARD NBR: -8049
    The strange thing aobut this is "I am and have been a professional Photographer for 36 years!" GO figure!

  3. We just had a charge for 99 dollars on our account yesterday- 6/12/12 & closed that card immediately while they look into it. To you Miranda, I'm sorry! To the creeps that stole our card- I hope they catch you soon!

  4. Just got off the phone with ZEEK customer service. They stated that the $10.08 charge-on June 5th-to my card IS A LEGITIMATE CHARGE for ZEEK from the 'new bank' they are now using, showing up as "LuckyStarDesign8883609989" on my statement. They also stated that the charge is for my monthly subscription. ZEEK AFFILIATES OLNY: leave this lady alone and check your Zeek News for updates.

    Michael Malone..."Inglewood!"