Highland Village Community Education Class - Beginner DSLR Photography

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Do you have a "FANCY" camera (DSLR Canon, Nikon, Sony or other)?  Are you still shooting in auto and disappointed with the images you are getting?

It's time to stop treating your camera like a point and shoot and take your photography to the next level!This five-week course is an exploration into the art of DSLR photography.  It will be approached from both a technical and an esthetic viewpoint.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about the advanced options available to them through the use of digital photography. 

The computer has changed the way that conventional photography is now being produced.  This course will enable students to effectively and efficiently, use and understand a digital camera design for high quality image making.  Emphasis will be placed upon developing sufficient skills for the student to become self-reliant in the following:

  • Proper handling and operation of the Digital SLR Camera.
  • Calculating exposures under different lighting conditions.
  • Understanding the technical differences among various lens.
  • Understanding the use and operations of the white balance and ISO functions.
  • Understanding and using depth of field and motion creatively.
  • Applying the elements of composition and subject lighting (indoor and outdoor).
  • Setting up studio lighting and/or using off-camera flash effectively.
Prerequisite: Students are required to bring a DSLR camera and lens (with adjustable shutter and aperture) and a memory card.  The camera must be eight megapixels or higher.

Classes start on September 20th and run thru October 18th, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. every Tuesday.

$200 for the 4-week course is due by the first class day.  Click the paypal button below to pay.  Those that are starting late will have the chance to come to class 30 minutes early to catch up on what they missed.  Contact Miranda with any questions at miranda@luckystardesigns.net.

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