April 11th Give-away in memory of a friend - Denton County Photographer

Today's contest is in honor of one of my best friends that I lost to a car accident 20 years ago today.  She was an amazing influence on my life and always supported my creativity and ambitions.  I miss her everyday. 

The winner will receive:

  1. (3) custom made photo magnets (with pictures of your choice, either ones you have taken, or ones I've taken for you in the past).  Value $18.
  2.  Scentsy Plug-in Set.  (plug-in warmer, and 2 bars of their choice).  Value $25.
  3. (25) custom designed invitations and/or announcements in 5x7 or 5x5 size.  Full-Color and Double sided.  Value $60.

So how do you win?

You have four chances to win. Please complete the four tasks below and leave one comment on this blog post for each task completed – read directions below… (so you can have up to 4 entries total).

Task #1. Visit Lucky Star Designs & Photography on Facebook and "like" it.

Task #2.  Make this your Facebook status: ”Go check out @LuckyStarDesigns at www.luckystardesigns.net to enter to win the APRIL 11 GIVEAWAY"  Be sure to type the @symbol before *Lucky*Star*Designs so that it tags my page.

Task #3.  Tweet about this contest on twitter (If you don’t tweet, just complete tasks 1 and 2 for a total of two entries).

Task #4.  Go visit My Scentsy Page and comment here on what your favorite Scentsy scents are or which warmer you like best.  

Comments will be accepted until 12 pm on Friday April 15th.  The drawing will be held at 4pm on Friday April 15 by www.random.org.

More about why today is special:

Shelly Pickle was only 15 years old when she left us.  She was my best friend.  She had a contagious laugh... full of joy and wit.  Her smile could light up a room and she had no idea how beautiful she was to so many of us that called her "friend".  Because she always encouraged my creativity and was one of my biggest cheerleaders, I pursued writing, photography and art with a passion.  She helped me believe in my abilities and encouraged me in her quiet way.  (Even if she made fun of the "big" words I always used). 

With each milestone in my life, I mourned her loss again, wishing she had been there with me at prom, graduation, and on to college.  I have found myself wondering what her children would have looked like and what kind of mom she would have been.  I know she is in a happy place with Jesus by her side and the angels as her friends.

If I had to guess, she is probably keeping them all in stitches with her self-depreciating humor.  I still quote her on a bad hair day and say "My hair looks like CA-CA today."  God I miss that girl.  :)

I am just grateful for the years she was in my life and the influence she had on it.  I will never forget you PickleSue.  xoxo.

Good luck to everyone participating in this give-away!  Have fun!

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