Winter Wonderland - I Heart Faces Challenge Submission

Nate Winter
Winter Wonderland
I Heart Faces Challenge Submission

I've been taking a hiatus from photo blogging during the holidays, as I prepared for upcoming mini-sessions and a Photoshop class at the end of the month.  January is the time most photographers either struggle to find work, or sit back and enjoy the quiet time and review what they have done in the past year.

2010 was a success for me.  I watched my business grow and take off in a way that surprised me.  I went through 3 different camera bodies and improved my technical skills and stretched my creative outlets.  I am proud of the work I did last year.  And I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for me.

While trying to go through pictures from last year, I came across this one from a snow day in February.  I love it so much, as it encompasses the pure abandon that a child can have.  As I look at this picture of my son, I can actually remember what it feels like to tilt your head back as far as it goes, squeezing your eyes tight and sticking your tongue out tentatively, hoping that you can feel the tiny snowflake as it drops into your mouth... and melts.  The joy that catching one snowflake on your tongue is greater than a whole bowl of ice cream. 

So as half the country sees yet another snow storm rip through, go re-live that abandon for one moment.  Step outside and catch a snow flake on your tongue.  Less calories than ice cream and more fulfilling than you can imagine.

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  1. Isn't it cute when they try to catch snowflakes. Love the capture here. Great job.

  2. Love this capture...great composition here.