The Family Holiday Session - Denton County Photographer

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Each year around this time, the families all clean up, put on their Sunday best and come to me to get their yearly family portrait done.  This year is no different and I was excited to have my first group be my good friend Christie and her other three C's (Carl, Cameron & Carter).

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We discussed what their "family theme" would be this year for a few weeks prior to the shoot.  Needing an excuse to buy new boots, Christie decided on an Urban Western theme.  We headed down to Old Town Lewisville around sunset on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

DSC_0137 copy

The lighting was perfect, the kiddos were in great moods and mom and dad looked divine ... all "did up" in their western wear.

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Now, since these are for the Montz family christmas cards, Christie has sworn me to promise not to share the best shots of the session (those are to be revealed with the Christmas cards in about a month), but she did allow me to share a couple of her least favorite (as you can see, getting a family of four to ALL smile on cue AND make it look natural and un-posed is no easy task).

DSC_0015 copy

Since she is my friend, I will honor the promise and ignore the fact she harassed me for a week for her proofs (starting no more than 2 hours after the session!).  I hope you like them...  my slave drivers good friends are my favorite clients.  (teehee).

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  1. You are cracking me up! Thanks for keeping your promise. And hey you only asked for 3 and I gave you way more to work with. :) Love ya!

  2. Such a beautiful famly!! Great pics Miranda!