B Family Sneak Peak

This is my favorite "new client story" to date. I was at the Grapevine Train Depot waiting on a client a few weeks ago and see this ADORABLE family standing around the boxcars and taking a few snapshots. They see me with my massive camera and say "Hi are you ____?" I had to explain that no, I wasn't the photographer they were waiting for, but my client was running late too. After a few more pleasantries I left to go call my client and see what happened. Sure enough, it was a last minute cancel and I walked back over to the now frustrated family (with a soon-to-be growing agitated 2 year old girl).

Next thing I know, we are having a great time getting to know each other and taking some pictures that are some of my favorites to date. Thanks B Family for "picking me up" at the train depot. I had so much fun shooting your family! :)

See the entire gallery online under Recent Sessions at www.luckystardesigns.net.

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