Emotionally In Focus

Some of my collegues and I use a term called "Emotionally In Focus"... basically means that although the photo isn't technically correct from a professional photog standpoint, the moment captured is so precious and perfect, that the technical babble isn't important.

For example, a friend of mine sent me her picture taken with her Nikon. She is your typical "Mom with a Camera" and is really good at capturing her children at sweet moments. Not being a "professional" she relies on her auto settings and let's her camera do the work. Like most mom's do. Every once and a while you get that "perfect picture"... but maybe it isn't exactly as crisp or vibrant as you want it to be.

This is where photo editing and post processing come into play. Now, keep in mind, I have had over 10 years experience with Photoshop, so my post processing will be different from someone just starting out. But really anyone can take a "emotionally in focus" picture into a photo-editing program and help improve it enough to print it for sharing and enjoying.

There are some great tutorials online on how to boost contrast, smooth skin, pop eyes, and adjust the lighting (via curves, if you are using Photoshop). Give it a try.

Or you can just send me your photos, like my friend did, and I can see what I can do to fix it up for you.

507091170_for web

507091170_edited for web

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