Just a little Photoshop Magic...

Today I thought I'd share another picture from my last session. The mom wanted a picture of Brooke's adorable birthday outfit, but Brooke isn't quite standing and balancing on her own, so the trick was trying to keep mom out of the picture as much as possible while balancing her. Although we didn't do a good job of getting eye contact and a smile, I was happy with my editing on this one. The first picture is straight out of the camera, sharpened a bit for the web... and the second one, you will see Mom is now missing, and Photoshop worked it's magic once again.

So no excuses when you put off booking your session with me... not only can imperfections of the skin, tiny scars and scraped knees be edited out, but your mother can be too. Ha.

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  1. Pretty amazingly talented...but I had no doubt about that before seeing this! As soon as life gets just a little less crazy...we are booking a time! Father's day photos! :) Melissa